The Danish Girl

So I have never done a film review before but I wanted to put down in words how I felt and whilst it is still fresh in my mind.

This story is based on true events that were documented by Lili Elbe in 1933.
Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne) and Gerda Wegener( Alicia Vikander) are a happily married couple living in Copenhagen 1926. Einar is a successful landscape artist, Gerda is more portraits and trying to find her niche and become recognised.
Asking Einar to one day assist her with her work he agrees to put stockings and ladies shoes on. Gerda starts to paint Einar more and more as a woman and suddenly becomes recognised in the art industry, however Gerda encourages Einar to dress up and with so something awakens and he starts to go by the name of Lili and dress as a female more and more. Einar no longer believes he is male and inside is a female and was meant to be born that way. When Gerda realises that her husband is no longer the man she married, she helps him to seek a solution. When Lili is offered sex reassignment surgery, she is sure this will complete her. With knowing the complications and that it has never been attempted before does not deter her.

My thoughts:
WOW!!! What a powerful story. I am so glad I took the opportunity to see it.
Eddie Redmayne did a fantastic job of potraying both characters. He was an excellent choice for the role. He has very girlish features and looked elegant when playing Lili.
The story was told so elegantly which started off as a bit of fun ended up being such a deep and emotional roller coaster.
There was unconditional love between Gerda and Einar and she was happy to let him dress as a female in the house and go to some art conventions dressed as Lili but when she realises she is losing more of her husband everyday she asks him to stop. Also when Lili realises that she can’t give Gerda the loves she requires his decision  to become a full woman is made.
The one bit that I think could have be potrayed better would have been the social aspects of being transgender. It seemed all to easy on that side of things although s/he is fighting  confusion and doctors who think s/he is schizophrenic.
This made me cry and tear up on many occasions. It’s a slow and powerful movie that will grip you and then shatter you into pieces.

I totally recommend watching it and now I want to read the book.