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Adult colouring books 

So as my new craze is adult colouring books, I thought I would share my collection and some of my complete pictures with you guys 😊

These books are great for relaxation,especially if you suffer from anxiety or depression. I find when I am colouring my mind just thinks about things and when finished my mind is clear. I can spend hours with these books. Just to let you know I am one of the least creative people you will meet, I don’t do shading and I 99% of the time will use felt tips. You don’t have to be amazing at colouring to enjoy these and I even go out of the lines and will have white patches😶.

So I have quite a few books here, my obsession is almost as bad as reading books.

This is from Querkles by Thomas Pavitte. This is a colour by number and makes me feel very artistic.

This is from colour quest by Joanna Webster. The great thing about this book is that you have no idea what you are coloring until the picture starts forming and there is perforated edges so you can display your masterpieces.

This is the Johanna BAshford collection. We have Magical jungle, Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean. These books are beautiful as the pictures are very intricate.

This is an incomplete picture from the Lost  Ocean and as you can see it has a lot to colour in and small parts that will need finer tipped pens.

I have yet to colour any of these pics in of this book but there is plenty of time. This book is not as intricate as the others and has larger scale pictures.

And then there is the pocket version! This one just consists of patterns, lines and swirls.

These are the pens that I use. They are a bit on the expensive side but they are really good for the Johanna BAshford books and Amazon tend to do great deals on them👍

So this my friends is why my reading has dramatically slowed down in the last month or so.

Happy colouring x