So I have mulling over the idea of starting a BookTube channel. I am still sitting on the fence. Obviously my first few videos will be rubbish but I have my concerns probably like a lot of other people that have uploaded content.

A lot of the time you see women/girls that are plastered with make up and look stunning. I am not one of those people and my self confidence let’s me down. I am scared of the haters. I know you can disable comments but I would really want to communicate with genuine readers who would like to hear my thoughts.

I have concerns that people will not like my content and be ridiculed for my opinions. I have the kindest comments on my book blog and appreciate everyone for commenting/reading/liking my posts. However I feel the case will be different if I set up a channel. People would be viewing me as a person as well as my thoughts on books, I think the worst thing for me is rejection.

I know that I should not let anyone or their thoughts stop me from what I am doing but these concerns hinder me everytime.

I recently just did a couple of mock videos on my phone and whilst I thought I spoke clearly and didn’t think it was too bad. I felt that I wasn’t camera acceptable (if you know what I mean) I have never been photogenic.

Have any of you thought about setting a BookTube channel? Did you have some of the same concerns? Should I just take the plunge and do it.

Thanks for reading


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