Discussion Post: TBR????

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Ok, so go easy on me guys this is my first discussion post and I am new to this. It’s probably going to be the naffest post going but thank you for taking the time to read it. I wanted to pick your brains and chat about our To Be Read piles, we all have them some larger than others ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to know how you decide what to read each month.


What is a TBR:

So I am sure everyone knows what a TBR is, if not it’s a list books, this can be a compiled list on Goodreads or on your shelves that are To Be Read! I myself like to peruse Goodreads, Booktube other book bloggers for recommendations on what books to read, doing this obviously results in a list longer than my arm. For some strange reason I have this impulse to add all the books I like the sound on to this one list but I am sure that most readers can relate that it never decreases only increases.

Having a TBR:

Over the last few years I have picked out several books that I want to read for a particular month,I usually do this so that I read ARC’S or books that I have meant to read for a long time. Sometimes this goes well and other times not so.I like the feeling of order and control over what I read during a month, I am not a mood reader so I don’t have a problem with reading pre-selected books. With a TBR I feel there is a goal to achieve and I strive to hit it.One month I found though that I hardly read any books on my TBR so I decided to have a month without a TBR pile and see how that went.

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Not having a TBR:

Recently I decided to not to have a TBR, I knew that I had two ARCS that I needed to read but other than that I was free to make the decision. For me not having a TBR was scary, I kept looking at my unread shelf and felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to read or there was so many that I wanted to read I didn’t really know where to start. I am not sure whether I should try this for one month or stick to the TBR.

What I want to know is what other bloggers/readers do! Do you make TBR for the month and follow them strictly? Do you pick a handful of books and read from as many from the selection you can? Are you anti-TBR or a mood reader? It’s funny, the biggest problem readers have is what to pick next and finding time to read all the books that they can in their lifetime.

Thanks for reading


5 thoughts on “Discussion Post: TBR????

  1. I’m definitely a mood reader. I usually have a rough idea of a few books I’d like to get to sooner rather than later, but other than that I like the freedom to go to my shelves and see what takes my fancy. I’ve found that the more I tell myself I ‘have’ to read something right away, the less motivated I feel to pick it up, even if it’s something I’m generally excited about reading.

    Each to their own, as they say ๐Ÿ˜‹

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  2. I usually just request a lot of books from the library at the beginning of the month and as they come in I read through them along with books I’ve bought. My TBR is usually new releases that I’ve bought and then books that have been out for a while from the library ๐Ÿ™‚

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