Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand

Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand

Author: K T Munson

Publisher:K T Munson

Published: 3rd December 2014

Genre: Fantasy and Romance

Source: E-book from Author

Date read: 10th April 2017

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Blood is how it all began, and only by blood can it end. Chaos has reigned in Zendar for years since the rise of the seven Bloodlines. The Liege Aleron Corvinus ruthlessly seeks revenge for the mistreatment of his ancestors. His ambitions will only be sated when he claims the world under his family’s name; he will only stop when all of Zendar is his and the other six Bloodlines pay their weight in blood.

Azel Undel was born into this world of blood and sand. She is of a dying Bloodline, a feared one, but most coveted. Promised, in exchange for money, to a man she had never known; Azel travels across Zendar. Her ship is attacked and she alone survives, setting the wheels of fate in motion. She did not expect to become her enemy’s captive or that he would demand her submission to him.

Loyalties are tested, secrets are uncovered, and Azel will have to make a choice: remain loyal to her family and everything she ever stood for or be loyal to her own heart.

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My thoughts:

Zendar is a captivating story including Magic, Romance and conflict – everything you need in a good book.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this at first as I am not a massive fantasy reader but I thought I would give it a go and delve outside of my comfort zone.

The story follows Azel, she was born into a dying bloodline,one that is very powerful and feared. Azel has been promised to a man she has never met, to strengthen relations with other lands. On her way to her betrothed, the ship is attacked and Azel finds herself being the only survivor and also the captive of Aleron. Aleron is a fierce leader that wants to rule all of Zendar but is also seeking revenge for the way his family were treated. Azel has caught Aleron’s eye and once he sets his sights on something he gets it…but not if Azel has anything to do with it.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book and ended up really enjoying myself. The book is quite short at 160 pages and a really fast paced read so you could easily complete this in one sitting.  I liked how this story started off, you had the back story to Zendar and the blood lines and then we go forth with the story of Azel on her journey to her mystery husband. The world building of this story is great I got a feel of where Azel was going and what the landscape looked like.

There is a lot of action and different places and people who Azel meets but for me it was the interactions between Azel and Aleron that had me hooked. Azel is feisty, bad-ass, has her own mind, family orientated, loyal, she stands up for herself and is a great character. Aleron is depicted as this huge, powerful and gorgeous leader that could have any woman in the whole of Zendar, he gets what he wants and has a short fuse. He was affronted when Azel refused his advances and becomes frustrated, this has never happened before. We see a sweet nature to the leader when he tries to win Azel’s affection.

I would have like more to this book, I think it could have been fleshed out a bit more as it is a bit short, it didn’t affect the story, I just was enjoying what I was reading that maybe the pace could be a little slower. Also, for me I wanted a map. I need maps please authors. I like to be able to follow the characters journeys and refer back to them…plus they are cool.

I really recommend giving this book a try if you want something quick to read, it also has everything you want in your male and female protagonists.

I rated this 4 out of 5 stars

thanks for reading


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