wrap up

December wrap up.

December was a bit of a mediocre reading month as I only managed to finish 4 books. However despite that I did manage to exceed my Goodreads target by 7 books. I felt like I should have read more as I had so much time off. 

This was the first book I finished in December. This is a collection of short stories centering around ‘home’and what it means. This was great, especially as there was loads of different genres and was diverse. Another great thing is discovering new authors. 3.5/5 stars

I then managed to finish uprooted by Naomi Novik. I enjoyed this but it didn’t blow me away and felt like things were missing. I personally would have liked a map with this book and I wanted more romance. I will be doing a review of this. 3/5 stars.

Yes I managed to finish this beast of a book! It only took me the whole year! This felt like a real achievement, this book is very hard going and I think I bitten off more than I could chew. I would recommend this book if you know about French history/politics/monarchy and the revolution which I didn’t which made it harder for me to digest. Overall I enjoyed it but it was long winded. 3/5 stars.

Susan Hill is the author of the woman in black (which I haven’t read yet). As I was into my short stories in December I thought I would try this out. I was left feeling disappointed. There is only 4 stories but they were not scary of even creepy and I get creeped out easily. 2/5 stars.

That’s the 4 books I read, have you rwas any of these? What did you read in December?

Thanks for reading 

Louise x


5 thoughts on “December wrap up.

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your review of Uprooted; I’ve had it recommended to me more times than I can count, but I just haven’t gotten around to picking it up. Congratulations on finishing Les Mis! That is definitely an accomplishment worth celebrating! I only reread books in December because I spent most of it sick and not up for going to get new books, but here’s hoping January goes better.

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    1. Thank you. I was also sick over Xmas 😝 I was going to reread harry potter and chamber of secrets but didn’t have time as visiting family. Uprooted I think is a bit hit and miss I have seen rave reviews and poor ones. The writing style takes a bit getting used to unless you have read any of her other books.

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