1st Year Blogiversary


Wow Guys! One whole year of blogging! Where does the time go? I want to just say thank you to each and everyone of you for taking the time to read my blog/ramblings/reviews it means a lot to me.

One year ago today I had the urge to write my feelings down but also converse (fangirl) with other people who loved reading as much as me. I will admit before I started blogging I read some terrible books, but thanks to you guys and my insane obsession with booktube I am slowly playing catch-up with the books that I should have read.I have accumulated so many books now that I am overwhelmed, I am trying to read recent releases too, but you know what? I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I am not consistent with my posts I know but I don’t want blogging to become a chore so I am quite relaxed and will post willy nilly. I love that you guys include me in tags and awards….it makes me feel a proper reader.

Also since blogging, I have had authors email me asking for me to review their books and I have won giveaways, I never thought this would happen at all. I mean I am not the best reviewer by far…I don’t go too deep (probably cuz I am not clever enough) but I will put my words on paper (Screen)which are easy to read and don’t use big words…my vocabulary just isn’t that extensive. But I hope with my common use of language that you guys enjoy what I write.

If you have got this far congratulations! I wasn’t supposed to write this much. My plans for next year is to re-vamp my blog – does anyone have tips?I want myself some cool ass headers and my name in swirly letters.

Also, I want to become better at reviewing (I know this might be condescending)so if you guys have any tips or websites/rules that you use. Please let me know.

Thanks for reading my posts, communicating and in general being lovely people.



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