Baby Booties

So some of you know I like to knit. I taught myself through books and YouTube tutorials so I am still learning how to do it. I started these baby booties  ages ago and was going to either give them to charity or to the premature baby ward at my local hospital. However since starting these my sister-in-law has become pregnant so they will be going to a good home. These were really easy to do and I might make some more for the premmie babies.



So the wonderful website I use to find patterns is

This site has pretty much anything you could ever want to knit and more it’s great, if you are thinking of starting knitting or a bit of a pro check it out as it caters for every level of knitter.


This pattern is called Prisca’s Baby Bootees by knot sew Prisca and is in written format rather than picture (which I prefer).

Here is Prisca’s version


As everyone knows when starting out knitting you are not going to be the best and I had my fair share of problems, such as having to unpick parts and also I had the one sock/bootee syndrome (Where I made one but couldn’t get the motivation to do the other)

My next project is to make my daughter a scarf, I have already picked the wool out so I.just need to find a pattern.


A few months I also made a ‘LOVE’ pillow for a friend which can be seen here





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