Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday – Bookish delights

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This weeks top 10 is bookish delights – I am not sure if I will be able to make 10 but I hope so.



I love libraries! I am regularly in my local one perusing the shelves and getting lost in this wonderful building full of books. My fantasy is to get locked into a library and just read to my hearts content or what would be better would me having my own library with a sliding ladder…..ahhhhh**dreams**

Beautiful Covers

I am very much a cover buyer, although this is not a good idea as the books could be crap. But I am like a Magpie if there is something shiny, colourful or just beautiful I am instantly attracted to it. Plus it looks good on the shelves.

Reading with my Daughter

I love reading with my daughter,we will take in turns to read and she loves reading dialogue. She is becoming a little bookworm like her mum as she told me the other day that she only likes books written in first point of view… she’s 8! I love reading all the classics of my childhood with her which is anything Roald Dahl.


Aren’t bookmarks just the best? I love all the designs you can get and fan based ones too. Confession time! WhenI was younger I used to fold pages over – yes I know!How could I? I don’t know butyou will pleased to know that I don’t do that anymore. My current bookmark is a Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary addition and is getting a bit tatty, I really need to add more to my collection.


phone 4065

Everyone loves bookhauls, whether they are from publishers, are presents, being delivered, if you are scouring the book stores and my favorite the charity shops. I do love myself a good bargain and plus I am doing a good deed at the same time by giving money to charity. There is nothing better when you are down than to go out and buy yourself a book. I have a slight addiction!

Book Community

There are so many lovely people to talk to about books. I didn’t realise until recently how big the book community really was! I love Goodreads,there are so many book clubs and people giving you recommendations and the same from bloggers as well.It’s great to read peoples opinions about books.

Bookish Merchandise

I absolutely adore all the funko pops that everyone has on their shelves and I need to get myself some too. I also have a  Alice in Wonderland Tote bag from Primark that comes with a little pouch to put your book (though my sister in law thinks it’s fro make -up) but whatever it’s for a book. I also want Hermiones time turner as that is just beautiful. There is so much amazing stuff…..I WANT IT ALL!!



The amount of stuff that I have learned from books is crazy! Not just increasing my vocabulary and meanings of words but sometimes when I am watching The Chase (UK quiz show) I know the answers and the only reason is because I have read it in a book somewhere. Reading makes you clever…ish.

So there is my top 8, I am failing at this lately, can’t get to 10.


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday – Bookish delights

  1. I adore libraries. I really would like to look in to their programs so that I’m not just in there lurking amongst the books stacks (although that’s just fine too). I find that I’m more adventurous when picking out books at a library than at a bookstore. I’ve discovered some genres that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise!

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    1. I like my library but wish it was better. When I watch people on YouTube from America that do hauls I get jealous as they seem to stock every amazing book. But my library is quite limited 😯


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