Book Blogger Recommends 2016



Hello Everyone, I got this amazing idea from a booktuber that I watch and was so inspired that I wanted to do this for 2016 as long as some of you lovely people out there are willing to help.


So I will get to the point and stop waffling on. I want 12 of my book blogging friends to each recommend a book to me that they love. Once I have 12, I will put them in a TBR jar and pick one each month and read what they have recommended, I will also write a review and link the fellow blogger. I am doing this as I want to see what you lot enjoy reading and also it will be new for me and may take me out of my comfort zone or something that I would never have picked up myself.

I really really hope you guys will participate – I will tag you and would be extra grateful if you could leave your book recommendation in the comments, also If you could kindly check my Goodreads page as well to make sure I haven’t read it, that would be awesome.

Here is a link to Elena who is the booktuber that I got the idea from, she is a lovely lady and reads a mixed bag of books.

The people I tag – if you do not want to participate – please let me know so I can ask somebody else.















13 thoughts on “Book Blogger Recommends 2016

  1. Thanks for including me, Louise! This is a fantastic idea and I’d love to try it too πŸ™‚ Anyway, I chose a YA fantasy book for you. Honestly, when people ask me for a book recommendation, this is the first thing that always come to mind. The book is called THE THIEF (The Queen’s Thief series #1) by Megan Whalen Turner. I hope you like it and continue with the series to experience books 2 and 3, which are my favourites of all time XD Here is the link to its Good Reads page. Hope you enjoy it!

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  2. Thanks for tagging me! Hmm I was going to recommend Illuminae, but you already have that. So, I’m going to recommend The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. It’s young adult science fiction and is part of a trilogy, the third book of which comes out in 2016. I’ve read the first two books and enjoyed both of them so much! This is such a great idea πŸ™‚

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