Into The Fire (Wrecked #1) by Michele G. Miller

Into The Fire (Wrecked #1)

Author: Michele G Miller

Publisher: Red Coat PR

Published: 29th March 2015

Genre: YA, Mental Health

Source: NetGalley

Date read: 07th November 2015

I was provided a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book follows 15-year-old Danica Evans who has a pretty idyllic life, with great parents, friends and just keeps getting better as her best friend Jonah wants to be her boyfriend. Everything is going great until one tragic night, after a party there is car accident which results in Danica’s parents dying, what makes it more tragic is that she was driving and lived. After being in hospital for skin graft after skin graft and recuperating from the accident she decides to move to Texas with her grandparents without saying goodbye to any of her friends, Jonah or the Hall family (Her parents best friends).

Danica starts to suffer with depression and grief, she feels it’s all her fault and does not deserve absolution. The only way to ease the pain is to leave everything at Grove Pointe that reminds her of her parents, so she cuts all contact. One day she is so unhappy and seeing a picture of her parents it gets too much and starts cutting herself for release, to make her feel alive, her punishment for living, but it soon becomes an addiction.

With rehabilitation clinics, finding love and trying to find herself and piece her life back together,Danica wonders if she will ever be herself again.

My thoughts:

I have never heard of Michele G Miller before, but this definitely won’t be my last book by her that’s for sure. She is truly an amazing author. This book was so emotionally charged, it was raw, poignant and an honest portrayal of depression and grief.

The first part of the book is told 5 years after the accident in 2018, then back to 2012 from the day the accident happens and her story of grief, rehab and so on and then the third and final part is her returning to 2018. Throughout the book there are sections which are written in italics and these are Danica reminiscing about happy events such as holidays with parents and friends.

The characters in this book were great and really well-developed, Jonah was such a caring young man and truly loved Danica.Luke is also another very thoughtful young man, I liked that these characters never tried to act any older than they were, they wasn’t pretentious, they were just ordinary teens dealing with an awful situation.This isn’t just a sad/depressing story there is love and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy at times and can tug on the old heartstrings. It will probably make you cry and it will most likely make you smile and that’s what a good book is all about.I really cannot recommend this book enough. It’s only £2 on amazon go buy it and I bet you will like it.

I was not keen on the cover though that’s my only complaint. This is a standalone book but I believe that the characters West and Jules have their own entire story called ‘From the Wreckage’.

I rated this book 5 out 5 stars


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