The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York by Kory Merritt

The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York: A Yarn for the Strange at Heart

The Dreadful fate of Jonathan York :A yarn for the strange at heart.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel publishing

Expected publication: 6th October 2015

Genre:  Graphic novel, Fantasy, Middle grade.

Date read:26th August 2015

I received this book free from netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Jonathan York is a very ordinary man, people may even say he is dull, working in the Brockleport general store as a clerk, generally living the quiet life.

One day Jonathan goes for a walk and decides to take a shortcut through the swamp, only finding to his dismay that he is lost. With the sky darkening and the noises of the swamps denizens he starts to become anxious(who wouldn’t).

As Jonathon trudges along trying to find a way out of this never – ending swamp he comes across three strangers, together they try to find the Cankerbury Inn to rest their heads for the evening.

The Cankerbury inn is run by an old couple who ask for the board/rent to be paid in stories, As each of the 3 strangers tells their stories it dawns on Jonathan that he has no stories to be told and with no tales, fables or nursery rhymes he finds himself back in the swamp to create his own adventure.

When you’re old and gray like me, and someone asks you for your story, what would you rather have – nothing at all or the story you lived through tonight?

I really enjoyed this book, but found it somewhat predictable as I knew how the book was going to end . The artwork to this book was really good and I felt that it suited the story very well with limited colours being used. I found the font quite spooky but also difficult to see what words were written in parts.

There are 3 separate short stories that were intertwined within the book , two were written in verse and one was silent which I think I understood but it’s just pictures for you to interpret in your own way.

There were important messages throughout the book, such as being out of your comfort zone, bullies,sticking up for yourself and confidence.The different monsters in the book were very creepy and all shapes and sizes. This is definitely targeted for middle graders (8-12yrs), however can be enjoyed by all ages as there were references to Sean Connery and I don’t think there are going to be many kids knowing who he is (I may be worng)

This is the first book by Kory Merritt and would be interested in reading others.

Overall I rated this  3.5 stars out of 5.


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